At Feel Pretty Fotos it's all about photographs and memories that show you how you look when you feel your very best.

Working in the Montclair/ Woodbridge/ Quantico area of Northern Virginia I photograph you with a relaxed, collaborative style that makes sure the photograph is all about you at your best.


Linda G: Paulette, Thank you so much for making me feel pretty. Being a working woman, wife, mother, daughter, sister....and taking care of our home, I lose track of taking care of me. When I saw your website, Feel Pretty Fotos, and read about you and your philosophy, and then saw your work, I knew I needed to contact you to take my picture. The day of the photo shoot, I felt I was finally doing something for myself. I had so much fun, and you had a way of making me feel so pretty...even without make-up! Now, whenever I look at the photos, I'm reminded of just how pretty I am. Thank you for showing me what I didn't see before.

Looking forward to working with you again.

Linda D: I just wanted to take a few moments to thank you again for my beautiful and fun photo session. I have never felt comfortable in front of a camera, and have always been envious of people who always take a great picture. I remember for Senior Pictures, I just let my Mom choose whatever pictures she wanted because to me they weren't me-they seemed fake and very posed. Move ahead a few years later for my Wedding Day and I encountered the same thing. It felt awkward and posed and I was disappointed that again I felt the real me wasn't captured on film, even on my wedding day. When you told me to fix my hair nice and you would take care of the rest, I guess I had those same thoughts, here we go again...

Our session on the beach was completely different than any other photos that had been taken of me. I am a happy person, with a silly side, a serous side and maybe even a little bit of a sexy side. You finally were able to do what no one else had been able to do, you captured me being me, and it didn't look fake or phony, it just looked like me, but better. My family and friends couldn't believe how great the pictures came out, and for once I was proud to show anyone and everyone who wanted to check them out. The fact that I posted them on my Facebook account proves that I was happy with the results and when everyone commented how pretty the pictures were, I could accept their compliments, because I thought they were pretty too.

Thanks so much for everything. I am so grateful and happy that I took you up on your offer that day. You are truly beautiful, inside and out, and you have a gift for making everyone you take pictures of feel beautiful, and really, doesn't everyone want that? I think so.

I will end this with my words to you when I first looked at my pictures..."Hot Dayem, I am a hottie!!"

Till we see each other again, take care my friend--you are the best.

Member of National Association of Photoshop Professionals, Professional Photographers of America, and the Photographic Society of America